the rematch

Monday, August 21, 2006

it was sunday afternoon when i got the threat... a call for a rematch against my previous win on the shoot-out game. i somehow knew that it was coming. and this time, we are to battle on the "old court" (the last time we used the new shoot-out machines). to tell you the truth, i couldnt care less if i lose but of course, i wanted to win.

so there i was, buying 6 tokens for our best of 3 rematch game. i heard him say... "let's make it quick... i'm going to win two straight so you can get your massage early." he's right, the mall is about to close and i was eager to have at least a back massage before i sleep that night.

with a smug smile on his face, he said, "don't worry, you'll be in the spa in no time. it'll be a quickie." hah! the guy's really serious... don't you think. i said, whatever... as long as i can get a massage, it's ok.

so game one started. i played slow, the first few balls didnt go it at all. geez... i am gonna lose. haf-time score was 64-61... in his favor. you should have seen the smile on his face. i knew he was happy about it. and i promised that if he did win the game, i would tell in on my blog. he wanted me to lose bigtime, i see.

second half, i was at ease. i played comfortably, not even looking at his score or even my score. fifteen seconds before i finish my round, i felt him nudging me from the side. "err... hon, i thought your back hurts," he whispered.

well, it did. i looked at his score... 148, not bad at all. my score? 164... omg! i AM good. hahaha. so i won game one afterall.

"sorry but i think your spa session will have to wait till we finish game three." well, not if i can help it! so i put my everything on it... kept on checking his score against mine to make sure that i'm not lagging behind. i had a four-point lead at half-time.

spa... massage... win game two and you'll get your anti-stress treat. so i was all out. ofcourse, by now you have the idea who won right? let's just say, we're through ten seconds before the round finishes. we walked out with a consolation DQ walnut fudge blizzard for the loser and i got my massage the way i want it. hahaha.

quotes from the players:
"like carter said, there are good days and bad days of shooting... this is just
one of those unlucky days."
- contender

"whatever!" - winner

by h2Omelon GurL @ 9:34 PM with 4 comments

well what can I say? i don't want you to get embarassed by the people watching behind us. being the boyfriend that i am, i took all the shame and the love of my life bags home the victory. just like what they say... "A man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do!" or maybe not! haha!
hmm... let's make a bet then. the one who loses will have to get a facial on the same day. how about it????
Ang landi ng template!
landi nga. hahaha. kaso di naging pakwan e. mas nagmukhang linux console green text over black.
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