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Saturday, August 26, 2006

this week's is too stressful for me. maybe coz of a life-changing, career-shaking event that's about to unfold. honestly, i'm not sure i'm prepared with what's in store... but i havta do it. believe in myself... believe ... believe... believe... hey does anyone know a hynoptist out there?

i'm so scared. but they have given me this one chance... i'm not a gambler. actually i'm too afraid to lose that i dont bet on anything that relies on chances. i'm the type of person who'd choose death than failure. ok... what i said is in extremes, but you know where i'm going right?

so boyfriend is ever patient on me these days. i dunno. he "let" me get away winning on our shoot-out matchups (as if he can beat me), waits an hour (just sitting alone) while i have my massage. and now, he even agreed that i should have a spa treat again today. he must be getting a virus or something. but nevermind... i'll make most of it. hahaha.

so i went to spa utopia right after work. red was supposed to join me but changed her mind in the last minute. i was too tired to even re-think of not availing their august promo (turkish steam bath, swedish massage, and facial for just mere 600php). its insane to let it pass so i decided i should do it coz its the last friday of the month. (...and ladies, fridays are the always best day to pamper thyself after a week's stress at the office, right?).

their facilities were not as grand as the spa chains but its clean and good enough. their sauna room is nice... it isn't too steamy. i remembered going to body tune steam room before and i cant see a thing. i mean, you wont even see the person sitting right next to you. they can't control it so i cant really stay for long. spa utopia's sauna is much better... you have the room by yourself. the shower room wasn't that great and they're missing hair conditioner. i mean, i cant have a shower and not have conditioner!

the massage was superb. though i do wish the staff would be more attentive on keeping the silence at all times. you know, people are more aware (and hears even the tiniest sounds) when they're close to being naked. they had a relaxing background music but it wasnt enough to mask the voices of staff outside. maybe that's the reason why i wasnt able to sleep. the first and last time i slept during a massage was back when i was in shangri-la putrajaya. everything was perfect back there and before i knew it i was dozing off and my masseuse woke me up and ask me to flip over.

well spa utopia's ambiance isn't as close as putrajaya's but considering the price, i'd have to say it was worth it. maricel, my masseuse, was thorough and very attentive to what i have to say. her fingers are small and yet she has the strength to soothe my aching muscles. she did everything she could and i was really pampered. funny thing is, the first part she massaged was my butt... hahaha. maybe she knew i spent a lot of my time sitting and my butt is all beat up or something. suprisingly, it felt good. ok... maybe i did overuse my butt.

after the massage, i had a very quick facial... nothing extravagant. it just that someone washed my face and pricked all the whiteheads,blackheads and removed or the dirt. yes, it hurts but i didn't know that it could hurt much worse that my last glyco-peel session. they put some epidermabrasion... i dont know if its a cream or something but was nothing but agony. i was warned that it would sting but it didn't matter to me. i have a high threshold with regards pain (needle-less ofcourse)... but it was nothing near to my expectations. let's just say... i had a litany of the seven deadly cusses (in cycles). i dunno know the effect on my skin but it better be good or there'll be hell to pay.

i would definitely go back and have another pampering treat next month. as for the facial session... maybe i'll let "the boyfriend" share my pain next time. after all, i won a bet (couldnt resist a sure-win) last time we had dinner @ claudine's, right hun?

spa utopia ratings:
  • ambiance -
  • sweddish massage -
  • value for money -
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    was that claudine's or claudette ... that resto near starbucks at valero? care to check?

    they have wide selection of cakes though i was a bit disappointed with their midnight blah-blah (sorry can't remember the name again) chocolate cake. their meals are a bit pricy, too (in my opinion).
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