Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i just got the pictures from lilia's visit here and let me tell you, i look horrible on all of them except for this one. in every shot, i looked either tired or wasted... and to think all of them were taken before we had our rounds of alcohol. guess i just have to be thankful that i have this one lucky shot where i look human-enough. yup, i have to ask my friends' permissions before i can post it here. you know how the female species are when it comes to this kind of decision-making. but when you capture a kodak moment, you just have to flaunt it. hahaha.

speaking of flaunting, last weekend i wore my "free" nets jersey (courtesy of lenny) and tried it out for a test round on the shoot-out arcade. my boyfriend introduced me to the shootout machine six years ago. back then i can rarely get 50 pts and earn free game. he became my coach ... telling me how to shoot properly (using your fingers and wrist) and not get tired easily (less stress on the arm). and now im beating him black and blue. let me tell you, when your girl scores 3x higher than you, you can't say that you ALLOWED her to win... especially if you hear the crowd saying "hey the girl beat that guy BIGTIME!" hahaha. another thing...when you score 120+ and your opponent got 24, you definitely can't help but rub it in, right? and i'm not saying this happened to me, else someone would really fire up. hahahaha!

you know what? everytime i meet a friend i havent seen for a long time, they keep on saying i lost weight. i cant believe im still capable of losing weight with my appetite for junk foods. maybe its because of my late nights. my life is getting complicated each passing day. im getting freaked out coz everything is like moving in the fast lane and i feel that i might not be able to keep up with this pace soon. i cant say the details as of the moment. but lets see where fate takes me this time around. im not yet in my 30s and yet i feel like im getting close to looking that age. scary, but i shouldn't be afraid of taking risks, right?

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i don't want to burst your bubble but i intentionally let you win to show my undying love for you... haha! love yah!
like who would believe that?!!! go defend yourself elsewhere, loser! hahaha. love yah, hun.
Clearly, thanks for an explanation.
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