pains of being tall & slim

Thursday, August 24, 2006

crazy. everytime i try to find good pants for me, i cant just find a pair that fits me. i'm too thin and tall... pants usually end up too short for me or too huge on my waistline. i hate it. how come they have clothing line for big sizes but they dont have enough line for tall and slim people like me.

rarely do i find rtw pants that is my size. today is my lucky day. i bought a pair at ensembles. guess my what my size is... XS (reads: extra small)... the smallest size available ever on their store. imagine, i stand 5'7" and im going to wear XS pants! well at least the cut saves me from any worries. the waistline fits just fine but the length... err, i can get away it with as long as i got the right shoes.

maybe i should have tailor-made pants instead. i'm trying to replenish my work clothes. here's some on my shopping list...

i'll be browsing the net first before going to the mall... this is how women should do it to lessen the walktime, dont you think?

by h2Omelon GurL @ 12:10 AM with 2 comments

i have an idea. Why dont you have a diff taste to ur fashion! Get 3/4 pants! brilliant huh aint i? However to solve your problem with the waist, i suggest you get some suspenders.
Brilliant, aint I ( btw, im charging you for this advice, will bill you later).
-Giorgio Cinod Armani
i thought i got a serious fashion statement.
well the 3/4 pants doesnt go very well on work env... i think. there's some shorts-styled slacks but i dont know if i can go with it. and suf... the suspenders are soooo old-fashioned (it'll reflect more of you than of me). oh! and i'm not going to pay you on THIS disastrous advice. i'm too smart for that.
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