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Saturday, August 12, 2006

i went out to mcdonalds with my colleague red this afternoon... had chicken meal for lunch and yes, i drank another coke float. what can i say? i'm a hopeless addict. despite red's advice that i should refrain from acidic drinks, i couldnt help myself. dont worry, i've been punished for being such a hard-headed... in less than two hours after my ten-minute eartly pleasure. i guess thats enough chastening for one day, so please reserve your rebuke until my next attempt to get near mcdonalds.

moving on... i meet my friend lilia and her hubby arnout who were on vacation here in makati yesterday. they married like a year ago and relocated in netherlands. abi was there too... after all she's lilia's best friend and i only met abi through lilia. we had a couple of dinners together with her other girlfriends and it was a blast. imagine a crowd of girlfriends talking about anything and everything over dinner... and when i said everything it, i mean it. from singles' concerns to newlyweds' issues. i barely knew most of them but overall... it was fun AND educational. and as you all know, i can't go into details on what we've talked about. ladies talks are always for ladies' ears (and eyes) only. the best part is, i met new girlfriends...i hope we can go out in an ladies-only night-out someday, if schedules permit.

i also had dinner with abi @ salt and pepper, a resto-turned-bar. i was planning order for just dessert but opted for their bread selections instead. they have like 30% off on breads every friday night. i forgot that they have live bands at night... sure if that happens every night but i know every friday, they invite bands to play starting 8pm (or was it 7pm???). it was a nice experience. the first band was totally hot (though i wasnt able to catch what they call themselves)... i like all their gig and abi knows all of the songs they played. the second group was so-so. it was an all-femme lead singers... i'm not much of a slow music fanatic when it comes to band performances. so abi and i ended up like american idol judges criticizing each girl. we both agree that the one in violet is the best of out of the three and the black one was the most vocally-challeged.

and no... i didn't drink alcohol this time. i'm still feeling after-effects of my float attempt. you should see the look that the guy gave me when i ordered for iced tea.... i had to say... "i'm still underage" to ensure him that i did order for an iced tea. (abi was even suggesting that i should go easy and have bottled water instead) . the last time i went out and listened to a live band over beer was back in 199x... right after i broke up with ex-boyfriend. my kadas (group of friends) dragged me out of my sulky state, went to bedrock somewhere in malate, drank all the sexually-titled drinks on their cocktail menu and danced like crazy. come to think of it, that was the first time i went in a bar. hahaha. how come i have to be depressed before i can experience those totally flipped out night-outs? i wonder if i could have nights like this often. now if i could only drag my better-half on the dance floor... i cant even drag him for a facial. it'll be thrice as hard to ask him to dance with me. hmmm, do i see another mission coming into mind? hahahaha. you better prepare yourself.

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