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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

im soooooo happy today. i cant believe how blessed i am to have friends around.

today i met abi over lunch. she just got back last weekend from her all-over-US-and-canada trip. i really missed our usual chit-chats. maybe that's one reason why i dont mind working at home these days. i really prefer working in the office and when i end up working late (which happens most of the times) abi and i will enjoy dinner together. needless to say, my boyfriend is relieved now that she's back. at least i can ask abi to go shopping with me instead of dragging him to the ladies or cosmetics section, asking him what color of eyeshadow best suits me like the last time we went to the mall. hahaha.

she wasnt able to update me with everything that happened during her trip, but we have the rest of the week to catch up with each other... maybe over lunch or dinner.

also i was eagerly waiting for the stuff my friend lenny sent me. i was suprised that he sent me two jerseys!!! i was only expecting to get the Kidd's NJ Nets home jersey but he also gave me road replica as well. and abi was able to pick the right size for me. everything was perfect. i couldnt wait to wear it... actually i really couldnt wait that i am wearing the road jersey as i type. hahaha.
next weekend, i'll probably wear the home jersey. the white one is the best! i can't thank him enuf. you know, i couldnt find a small-sized nba jersey here.... that's why i cant wipe this huge smile off my face now that i have two... well three actually because i have this medium sized road jersey of J.Kidd but i couldnt wear it (a little bit large for ladies wear). to think that he was teasing me that he bought me jason collin's jersey instead because its much cheaper. actually, i dont care... as long as its not a lakers' jersey, i'm sure im going to love it. anyway, thanks again, lenny!

also, i got chocolates from my friend scott as well. abi said that it melted coz they had like a heat wave back in the states but i dont care. i mean, chocolates are chocolates.... melted or not, i just couldn't say no to them. and besides, when its given by good friends, it always tastes better. huge thanks, scott! i know you'll be reading this... i put it in the ref and will eat it after i blog, just before i sleep. hahaha.

another suprise from a friend i havent heard from in ages. carol, who's my college roommate, called me up. the last time i heard from her was like more than a year ago. she is one of my closest girlfriends... considering we shared rooms for like two years. guess what... she just gave birth to a baby girl. and my friend is like four (or maybe five) years younger than me! now she's married. i cant believe it!!! i tell you... by the time i get married, all my girlfriends are married and i have to asked their daughters to be my bridal entourage. arghhh!!!! anyway, she's staying with her mom in the province but will be back here to continue her degree next semester. maybe i'll meet her then.

the last one came as a shock. i logged on to my old YM account and saw my girl-bestfriend, liz. i sent her a message and she said that i was mistaken... that she doesnt know who i am. i checked her YM profile and it says that the last profile update was june 2001. thing is, i was like checking and logging on her account around year 2003 onwards. i'm sure she's my girlfriend. maybe she doesnt want to talk with me because of what happened. considering that she left, and the police are after her and nobody knew where she is (except her family, i guess). whats interesting is the fact that she told me that she has a baby and that she's talking to her husband. ***geez! she's married as well! arghhh!!!!*** its so sad that she's still in denial. i guess she's scared. but i only want to catch up with what happened to her... maybe her married life, her baby. i couldnt blame her for what she did... i mean, what's the use? that's all in the past. i still miss her but i couldnt do anything if she doesnt want to be friends with me again. anyway, as long as she's fine, i guess that's enuf for now.
maybe i'll try to talk with her again next time. let's see how it'll go.

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