manila is sinking

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

yesterday, i got stranded on my way home coz of the heavy floods. taxis wouldnt entertain any passenger bound to manila. i tell you, one would appreciate the daily manila traffic during rush hours compared to what i experienced. besides the usual bumper-to-bumper situation, there are countless vehicles that switch lanes every chance they get just to move forward... and the occasional banging of the side mirrors and the hot-tempered drivers who would lower down their windows to shout at each other. it was totally insane! traffic jam at its finest!

i dont mind sitting all night inside the car as long as when i get off, there's land. i mean, when i opened the taxi door, everything was covered by water... err flood. and i have no choice but but to walk my way home or at least until i can get another ride. the flood rose up to above knee-high (above MY knees and i was wearing high heels), with the frequent waves caused by the passing of cars. needless to say, my shoes gave up on me in the process. i had to run and buy new pair just now.

oh did i mention that this condition wasnt just yesterday? i just got home today from the office, walked on the flooded street without an umbrella coz my taxi driver refused to go forward and thus asked me to get off his car. i think i just ruined the new shoes i bought.

two flood-infested days... two ruined shoes. manila is sinking!!! &*@#^(! the election is nearing so would someone do something about this?!!! i don't know how to swim yet!!!! help!!!

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