Friday, September 15, 2006

i can't blog. my mind is sooo empty right now. i took time off today to treat abi to a movie and dinner date. it was her birthday last tues, and when i asked her what she wants for a bday gift (that would fit my budget), she said she would like to see the devil wears prada movie.

so even if i was hesitant to leave my work (you know, i think im becoming a workaholic), i decided it would do me good to relax. actually i even filed for a day-off on monday just to extend my weekends. wonder if i could stay away from my laptop for even a day or maybe just stay offline. (......long pause) nah. i know i cant do that. i really wanted to build something using ajax and php and postgres if i got free time to do it... and thats during the weekend. so there! i might be offline but i would continue reading and doing ajax. you just cant help but fall in love with ajax, the technology used by gmail where users wont be noticing reloading of pages.

anyways, where was i? ah yeah, relaxing. geez, maybe i do need to relax. i mean without laptop and all that. but i cant see myself doing it right now. i tried to play something today on the piano (... and yes, it did sound horrible) and started thinking about databases and php and process flows. im losing it. this week i noticed a strand of white hair... my hair! ok... so there were a couple of them hiding who just decided out of the blue to show themselves. argh! i am getting old faster than ever. but when i saw my blockmate (college-mate) today, he said i could cut my hair short, put on a pin and i'd look the same as our freshman days. yeah right. you mean like freshman years who'd seen the worst of the Math 50series exams.

also he said that its funny how people remember the names of your classmates that's unusually noisy or just plain unusual. you'd remember the rest (those who doesnt make a lot of noise) by face but not by name. this guy was not really part of my circle of friends and he remembered my FULL name. geez, was i unusually noisy back then? or worst, just plain unusual? i wonder how others categorized me back in college.

hey look... i just did my blog entry! pure babble though.

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