a plea for speedy evolution

Thursday, September 07, 2006

i had enough of it! do you know how scary it is to go inside a public restroom here in the philippines? i'm a girl and uses the female's room (duh! that should be obvious!) but its horrifying how some women havent evolve into full-blown modern day species of homosapiens.

restrooms are to be considered as holy grounds for the female race. why? because everyday we have to use them more than once... and not for just to heed the call of our excretory system. you know very well that is just one over a number of reasons why we go there. its a place to share secrets, experiment with beauty tips, try out out the best hairdo that goes with the get-up, practice our cheeriest smiles, mysterious eye contact, etc.

and unlike our male counterparts (zip, open, piss), we have to do it in a more subtle manner. THAT'S THE MAIN REASON WHY YOU SHOULD SIT LIKE A PRINCESS AND NOT LIKE THE STUPID FROG!

lets get things straight, the PRINCE (that's a male deary) turned into a FROG and the PRINCESS (thats us) saved him from eternal warts problem. i really dont understand why some women just dont get it. if all of us would just unite for this cause, then it wouldnt be THAT painful to use a free public restroom. it's soooo frustrating how others seem to ignore the pleas that almost all toilet cubicles have. or if you can't do it, then just refrain from using the ones for disabled people. at least, that would ensure that those with walking disability (or those who have vowed to use the sacred place respectfully) wont have to bear sitting on a dirty throne.

and would you please leave the tissue behind! geez, are you going to have tissue paper for dinner too?!!!

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