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Friday, March 23, 2007

people would laugh @ me as im rediscovering the fascinating world of friendster. they kept on saying that the friendster is out. i had a friendster account before but decided its just another way to invite stalkers. i dont know why i created a new one. maybe i got jealous.... yeah i got jealous (lol!) so im trying to recover the friends i seem to have lost all these years.

i would stay awake for hours trying to figure out the names of my old buddies, as old as my grade school days and im amazed how time changed for them. one of them is now a male model with a bod that ladies would crave for. and this same guy was my regular partner in class and even school programs. i was really suprised with the transformation. most of my girl friends are married and have kids. the guys are more or less in a relationship and planning to get married soon.

then i look back at myself. what have i accomplished in life? darn, what do i want to accomplish?!!!

when i was in highschool, i thought i would get married and have kids before im 30. why? coz by the time my baby's 20 years old, i'll be around fifties and ... well, generation gap would definitely be a problem. i want to enjoy my grandkids before im 60 and that would mean my kid has to marry before 25! lol. talk about time pressure. thats what i want. to achieve everything i could in my career as a programmer, have a happy family, own a business (probably related to food or a pre-school), watch my kid grow up while holding the hand of the person i would love for the rest of my life. i think thats enough for me. of course being darn rich would be a plus. lol! but honestly, as long as my family is happy, money is just a necessity but not an issue.

hey maybe some of you would see me that way on friendster. whatever! hahaha.

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