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Sunday, April 08, 2007

i've been driving around for the past few days. but today was really special. after my driving lessons, i realized that driving is fun.

yup. weird things have been happening to me but at least now i know im my same old self with a plus. i can change... enjoy the things that i dont like in the past. funny eh? but driving tends to relax my mind and focus on the streets, especially if professional drivers keeps honking their horns regardless if you're moving or the car's engine stopped. i know how tempting to do these stuff to a car with a "Warning: Student Driver" sign on it. c'mmon admit it guys, you've done that at least once in your life.

so i was saying... if i can change the things that i like. maybe i can do the reverse of it... dislike the things i like. hmmm like be able to squash a walking cockroach... or shower together with some naked strangers in a spa(women only ofcourse).

you dont know how comforting to know that i can do just that. now i know i still have the strength of mind... to control my emotions. i need this kind of flexibility to protect myself. tonight has been fruitful to me. i've confirm that... i'm still me, a bit broken... yes but surviving and thats the most important part of my self-discovery. friends are not always there for me, so i have to do things on my own.... like driving for instance.

we are individually complete on our own. we only search for someone who will complement us in life. if ever i'm meant to walk this life alone, its fulfilling to know that i can do it.

-------Excepts from my driving sessions:
Instructor: Ma'am marunong po ba kayong magovertake?

Student: Hindi ko pa kaya no.
Instructor: O sige ma'am. Intayin na lang natin yung pedicab. Dito lang tayo drive sa likod nya.

Happy Easter everyone!!!

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Happy Easter h2omelon gurl!

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