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Sunday, April 29, 2007

im a very trusting person. i hate to think people could do harm to anyone without a good reason... or at least a reason. everybody has a reason to do something. you cant just be that bored and say, "hey, there's nothing to do so why dont i ruin this person for the time being" for me, that's unheard of.

so there i was chillin' when my cell beeped a message. one message after another... and that was enough overthrow a nice dvd movie, and i bet even a "house" marathon. but it got worse, people were asking if that was me on friendster and if i was available for... oh, you dont wanna know since i always wanted to run a PG-level (Parental Guidance needed) blog. men started calling me, wanted to meet up, asking for you-know-what session. and all i can say was what the hell was happening!

i had to do something so i asked one guy how "we" supposedly met. he said he's chatting with me that very moment. like what?!!!! i asked the irc server, channel and "my so-called nickname". i was online ... or the person who was pretending to be me. wow! talk about being an instant celebrity. now i remembered why i deleted my friendster account years back. tsk!

the rest of the story is confidential but this blog would remind me of it. i feel so awkward trusting people now. they just get back at you, bite you real hard... or the pain exaggerates only coz its unexpected. you trust... they lie. like house say, "everybody lies". but then, i think people lie so others wont be hurt. so my mind keeps on asking the Why's just coz i hate to point fingers.

i hurt now... whoever that person will feel the same way if not now, then someday. fate is only unfair until it gets even. and i believe it will, by then fate will be called karma.

thing is, my friendster email so at they wont be able to bother much unless they know my last name. i'll change numbers by june so no biggie really. whats really funny is that they find my photos nice. i didnt know i was attractive... or maybe there are men who are just desperate. hahaha!

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