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Friday, July 28, 2006

i've said it quite a number of times already. i'm not a tv fan. actually, i can see myself living in a house with cable internet or even your regulation tv stations as long as i have dvd where i could watch movies. but then again, i can always do that on my laptop, no? so that almost eliminate the reasons for having tv at all.

i'm almost always online. come to think of it, i cant remember the last time i let the day pass without connecting to the net. hence i decided to blog. i read online news which is more than informative that the usual tv and radio broadcasts. i tell you, there will come a time when tv and radio will become nothing but taboos. for me, its starting to become one.

everything is conveniently available on the net. i listen to yahoo! music, windows media player and itunes radios for music. mtvs can be seen at yahoo! launchcast. and now i found out about YOUTUBE.COM.

youtube is a repository of videos uploaded by users and guess what, i found everything i need. well, at least for now, i'm being entertained. recently, i've finished "my girl", a korean series currently being shown here in the philippines. funny love story. the last time u know what i hate about watching series is the fact that they have commercials and you have to wait for another day to know what's going to happen next. i cant imagine watching the action-suspense CTO series "24" on tv. i'd rather watch it on dvd in one seating. you got it right! im not very patient, and i tend have sleepless nights thinking what the hell happened to Jack Bauer... and it can drive me nuts. i even remember having a row with my boyfriend because he wont let me finish the whole season in one day. hahaha.

so about youtube.com, yes i've finished the korean series "my girl" last weekend; armed with french fries and coke float. you guys can even watch "jewel in the palace", another korean teleseries which my friend abi was very fond of. i've also seen australia's next top model... australia's version of tyra bank's america's next top model. and of course you can find ANTM's series as well.

and for those anime freaks out there, you can watch naruto online. yes! all chapters available in youtube if you know how to find them. lately, i've been bored to death with all those filler episodes... broke my patience and i started reading the manga chapters. and my fellow naruto fan suf hates me everytime i slipped his YM with naruto spoilers. hahaha. but for you my readers, i'll spare you the details. coz right now, i'm into bleach, the anime! and i'm getting the feed from youtube. at least now, i can download and watch the episodes at the same time. i'm sorry but even waiting for the download to finish makes me impatient. hehehe.

**kneels** hail youtube!!! hahaha! anyways, just wanted to share whats keeping me these days. ciao!

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