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Thursday, August 03, 2006

today i'm drinking the last coke float i'll ever have for the whole month of august. ***sob***

i really dont know if i can do this but i feel that i have to. i mean, i cant call mcdonald's everyday at 3am for a coke float delivery. this has been the craziest addiction i ever had. like i can really feel the chill everytime i think of a large glass of coke with vanilla ice cream and really fudgy chocolate syrup. such a creamy drink with occassional shots of choco... feels nothing but heaven.

but now i feel that i'm overdoing it. i guess scott was right... two servings a day is too much. when i think about all the floats i had versus the two days i spent in the hospital suffering from stomache pains and low blood count... and the frequency of needle-bonding activities i had with the nurses... i decided this has got to stop. i totally know this is too much... so i better quit while its early.

after all, i have no intentions of changing my blog to cokefloat-addict.blogspot.com like ever!

damn! i finished my float before i even finished this entry. arghhhh! did i say it was my last???? noooooo!!!!

by h2Omelon GurL @ 11:23 PM with 3 comments

Proven test have shown that Drinking Coke doesnt make a person any sweeter. So you can stop drinking coke
uhhmm.. adik ka melongurl? :P
i think i am. every night i fight the urge to call 8-MCDO delivery. arghhh! why on earth do they have 24-hr delivery service!!! its a killer!
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