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Monday, August 07, 2006

last friday, my boyfriend came over with a cheeseburger meal from mcdonalds. and yes, he got a coke float with it. i took it and drank without hesitation, ignoring both the fries and the burger. seems like years when i last had my float.

then i saw the smile on his face and said that he read my blog and intentionally bought me a coke float just to see if i can resist it. i am addicted to float! this is getting far too serious! i totally forgot about my entry. but i can always blame my boyfriend, right???? please tell me its his fault... ease my conscience.

arghhh! how come when i blog about avoiding something, my next blog would be an apology for doing it.

remember about the vanity thingie and saving up? the next entry was how i went out to have my spa treatment. and today i just came back from the mall where i bought another set of my vmv skin regimen. i needed to replenish my stock coz i love what it did to my skin. but paolo thinks i went overboard. you see, i have this vmv customer rewards program and i want my vmv club membership this month. and since its the first monday of the month, i will earn double points for my purchase, thats what the brochure says. i bought a lot and ended up with 40 accumulated points and a free blush. dont you just love freebies. hahaha.

i'm trying two new vmv items today, apricot & salicylic clarifying soap for those stubborn pimples on my back and the glykeros toning essence so i can save from my regular diamond peeling sessions. maybe i'll have my next facial treatment next december if everything goes well with my regimen. will tell you the effects soon.

also, i really love their makeup line. abi picked the toast as my blush before and it totally suits me. i asked for the same color but the counter said they ran out of stock, so i chose the closest one which is peanut butter. it'll take months before i'll go back to vmv. this one's for sure!!!

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