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Thursday, August 03, 2006

i've been meaning to write something here for a number of times now. but everytime i try to, this dull mind just goes blank. there were instances that i had those stirring moments that i said to myself, 'this should definitely be blogged' but those were the times when im far from my computer. i wish there's some device out there that could extract the entries out of my mind... like a pill of some sort and then put it into words. i'm sure all bloggers out there will be addicted to it. it'll be a sold-out for this net-addicted generation.

so what happened during those days i wasn't able to go online??? argh!!! this is the hardest part of not blogging everyday. you tend to forget things you want to write about. i read this really weird article about how multitasking degrades our brains. and i tend do that a lot even without meaning to. do you think its true? if it is, then i guess i'm feeling the after-effects right now... im slowly deteriorating especially now that i've become a youtube freak.

oh right, my boyfriend and i went out for a date. we're the last few couple who are idiotic enough to celebrate the day we became couple BY THE MONTH! i know... i know... it cheesy but i like it that way. but people here call it a monthsary... and even if its not accepted in the english vocabulary, i dont care! i think korean couples celebrate the 100th day they've been together. i'm not sure but thing is, monthsaries are monthsaries. not as grand as anniversary but still IT IS IMPORTANT.

ok, i was saying, we celebrated our... (hold on, let me run calc), oh 80th monthsary. wow! we decided to watch lindsay lohan's movie just my luck and i can't tell even a single good thing about it. my boyfriend was telling me it was a huge flop in the states but i didn't believe him. by the time we finished it, i was thinking i should get a refund. hell! the producers should even pay us for trying to follow such a lousy storyline. everything about it spelled B-O-R-I-N-G! i can't believe we didn't walk out. maybe because we're dead tired or too lazy to get up. definitely not worth seeing... not even the pirated version!

also, we dined at italliani's down at gateway mall and first time ever, we had a meal without any meat in it. had a great salad and pasta... very filling. my boyfriend was raising his objections about the no-meat meal. the last we went out, i was trying to keep him from eating (pork)fat. i guess he saw that i might ask more from him next time. i mean, what's good in those stuff anyway. it tastes like some dried-up, frozen already-used-for-the-nth-time cooking oil! i tell you, when i start cooking our meals, it'll be without any fat part (both in pork and beef) and the chicken... i'll have them skinned. i don't know what he liked about those stuff. but then again, many of you wouldn't understand why i even eat balut and isaw (chicken intestines) when you guys can't even look at it. oh well, you just have to try them first. i remembered my dad forced me to eat pork fat since he insists on a no-leftover policy in the house. i threw it all up and got sick the next day. it was gross. but i did try. you guys just have to give yourselves a chance with the balut and isaw. i bet if you didn't know what you're eating... you will be suprised that you'll actually like it.

i would want to upload some of the pics i took using my cellphone but this laptop doesnt have an IR like my old one. i've been looking for a data cable, maybe you'll see them on my next post. but for now, keep smiling. ciao!

by h2Omelon GurL @ 12:19 AM with 3 comments

No matter how you put it, Balut is Balut and I aint going near them. If I had the charisma.. I would open a World Save-the-Balut Organization (WSO) just for this cause.
hahaha, then you might as well put up Save-the-Chicken, Save-the-Beef, Save-the-Pork, Save-the-Turkey, Save-the-Duck, etc. etc.
How about Save-the-watermelon from the watermelon gurl
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