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Thursday, May 10, 2007

i recently found out that my yahoo mail has reached more than 50%.... that's more than 500MB of emails and 1M (yes one million emails) of those i haven't read. anyway, i decided to do something worthwhile this time around. i wanted to organize my emails, delete those forwarded ones, specially those huge ones. as i go through them one by one, i thought that some are worth keeping. so i decided to post some of them here on my blog so i can share them with you. i rarely forward emails, especially those that requires strenuous press-"page-down"-key-till-you-reach-the-actual-email-content. its funny that some email users are too lazy to delete the original mail headers as they forward. i rather post them here so as to avoid cluttering someone else's email. hahaha. keep reading, i'll post some of those stories, jokes, etc. here.

anyway, someone told me i look like 33 years old! i was aghast! he told me the dark areas around my eyes are too noticeable that he recommended that i use a concealer. the worst part of it is that that guy is straight! geesh! i've been feeling kinda low right now. i feel so unattractive that the only guys who would take notice in me are those people who were online during the irc controversy... those who heard my voice. and im sure that they are interested only because they're sure that i'm one of the female species (or at least sound like one). i rarely go to spas these days... i havent had time for my facials... and i've missed a lot of sleep (not that its unusual for me, lol!) plus the fact that im so stressed out over simple things like where to go for dinner (or if i should eat dinner at all). sigh! even i'm sporting a new do, i still look haggard. my self-confidence is hitting rock-bottom right now. sigh!

so im planning to take it easy these next days to come... maybe try sleeping early and waking up late. sleep the whole weekend off and start my gym sessions by june. oh! i still have to pass my driver's license exam next next week. im not sure if im free though. as you can see, i've been spending much as well. maybe i'll save up starting july... or august... or... whenever, lol!

im into watching heroes tv series these days. youtube has stopped providing most series uploads so i've found another site. i'd rather watch them on stream than download (im THAT impatient, lol!). i missed my dr. house. maybe after heroes i'll try searching for series 3.

here are the things i need to focus on so i can look younger (again? did i ever look young for my age? sigh!)
- laugh a little (i wouldnt want to look crazy)
- drink plenty of water
- relax every x 'oclock f
or 5 minutes where x is multiple of 3.
- dont forget my lotion and sunscreen. and more importantly, put them on!
- sleep at the very least... 7 hrs.
- spa twice a month, facial once a month
- and smile a lot.... i mean a LOT!

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