the end of the wannabee

Friday, May 04, 2007

after days of trying to find out who was pretending to be me on irc, i finally hit the bulls eye. with the help of friends and people from the telco, i can now say i know who that person is. sad thing is that i was hoping that my first hunch was wrong. i still cant accept that someone who ruined my quiet life would be so offensive as to ruin my image. i was supposed to be the one to do such thing... to feel so much hate towards that person and wish death on that individual.

well, i do wish it sometimes. im still human and anger is a natural feeling after the pain. revenge would cross my mind coz, let's face it... everyone thinks of it. i mean, we both got hurt. so i guess thats enough, right? we're all grown-ups and what happened was unintentional. everyone should accept the fact that EVERYTHING WAS UNINTENTIONAL. plus the fact that if someone would do the first offensive move, that person should be me! i dont need to ask forgiveness to anyone as they've hurt me first.

anyway, enough is enough. i need to move on with my life... and if that person bothers me again, i can't promise that i'd stay nice and sweet. every person has their limits. you dont want to push me too much. believe me! i've never been angry to the point of wanting to hurt someone since grade 3. when i'm angry i use words; when i hate, i keep quiet and hit someone, for real! and i can go on hurting you physically coz i'll never get satisfied. so dont push me. a person can only take as much... i can fight and i will fight!

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